Collective Intelligence: Creating a Prosperous World at Peace

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The era of collective intelligence has begun in earnest. While others have written about the wisdom of crowds, an army of Davids, and smart mobs, this collection of essays for the first time brings together fifty-five pioneers in the emerging discipline of collective intelligence. They provide a base of tools for connecting people, producing high-functioning teams, collaborating at multiple scales, and encouraging effective peer-production. Emerging models are explored for digital deliberative democracy, self-governance, legislative transparency, true-cost accounting, and the ethical use of open sources and methods. Collective Intelligence is the first of a series of six books, which will also include volumes on Peace Intelligence, Commercial Intelligence, Gift Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, and Global Intelligence.

About the Author

The contributors to this volume include Steve Arnold, Tom Atlee, Yochai Benkler, Howard Bloom, Juanita Brown, James Duncan, Doug Engelbart, Jock Gill, Jerome Glenn, Nancy Gloch-Gruenich, Theodore Gordon, Craig Hamilton, Francis Heylighen, Simon Hill, Thomas Homer-Dixon, Keith Hopper, David Isaacs, Mister Jalopy, Norman Johnson, Peter+Trudy Johnson-Lenz, John Kesler, Lion Kimbro, Mark Klein, Bruce LaDuke, Jaron Lanier, Michael Lenczner, Pierre Levy, Jazon Liskiewiez, Derek Lomas, Thomas Malone, Rt. Hon. Paul Martin, the National Capital Institute (Pawl Hawkin, Peggy Duvette, and many others), Jean-Francois Noubel, George Por, Jon Ramer, Mitch Ratcliff, Howard Rheingold, Marko Rodriguez, Sara Nora Ross, G. Parker Rossman, Jim Rough, Karl Schroeder, Douglas Schuler, Carole and David Schwinn, Nova Spivak, Marc Stamos, Robert Steele, Alex Steffen, Philip Torrone, Mark Tovey, Jennifer Watkins, David Weinberger, and Claire Zammit. The following organizations, among others, are represented in this volume: ARINA, Arnold IT, Inc.;; BuzzLogic; Canada Research Chair in Collective Intelligence, FRSC; Carleton University, Institute of Cognitive Science; Center for Wise Democracy; Co-Intelligence Institute; Collective-Intellignece.US; Discover Magazine; Earth Intelligence Network; Evergreen State College, Public Sphere Project; Free University of Brussels; Future of Learning Pioneers; Harvard Law School, Berkman Center for the Internet and Society;;; IngeniusOnline;;; Los Alamos National Laboratory; Maker s Bill of Rights; Marketingisland; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for Collective Intelligence; McLaughlin-Rotman Center for Global Health; Montreal Community Wi-Fi; Natural Capital Institute; Nexus for Change, The Change Handbook; OSS.Net, Inc.; Penfield Gill, Inc.; RadarNetworks;; Referentia Systems; Tetriad; The Interra Project; The Transitioner; United Nations Millenium Project; Universiteit van Amsterdam; University of California at Berkeley; University of California at San Diego, Social Movement Laboratory; Web 3.0; Whole Earth Review; World Café Community; World Index of Environmental and Social Responsibility;

Author(s) Book :Hassan Masum, Mark Tovey, Pierre Levy, Robert Steele, Rt Hon Paul Martin, Sixnny Graphics, Thomas Homer-Dixon, Thomas Malone, Tom Atlee, Yochai Benkler
Publish Year :2008 Publisher : Earth Intelligence Network
You can check by ISBN10/ISBN13 : 097156616X/9780971566163
Pages :648

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